Nimbus AT-100

The AT-100 incorporates the DMS ethos of performance, simplicity and budget conscious.

After listening to the Fire Fighters from all areas of the globe the word “Situational Awareness” was the most prevalent and frequently asked subject.

So what do we mean by Situational Awareness for the FF?

We understand that with the wearable clothing technology used by today’s Fire Fighters that protect them so well from the harsh intense environments, they encounter a situational that is somewhat counter productive! Fire Fighters are so well protected from the heat that they become “less” aware of their developing surroundings and in some reported cases find themselves in life threatening circumstances.

Shirley Towers Incident

We also understand that loading the FF with yet more equipment to carry, more gauges to look at, more things to remember is not the answer here!

The AT-100 is an extremely light weight device that’s designed to fit any helmet, the fire-fighter does not even need to remember to switch it on!

This smart device recognises when it’s on the FF and automatically switches to “ready mode”, this is also shown by a gentle flashing green LED that allows you and your colleagues the peace of mind that’s you AT-100 is not on and ready to protect you!

As the FF moves around his environment the AT-100 is constantly monitoring and making calculations based on his or her exposure to heat and heat changes.

As the temperature of the environment changes it alerts the FF by a simple sequence of vibrations to the helmet in a simple yet unmistakable manor. As these changes occur a subtle change of colour to the LED’s will happen within the FF peripheral vision, thus giving a visual indication as well as a sensory indication.

At the same time a high intensity LED will also transmit to the rear of the unit giving your colleagues a visual indication in the way of a buddy light system.

As the environment becomes more and more intense the AT-100 will continue to give simple yet easily defined sensory and visual warnings until critical levels are reached at which point the AT-100 will deliver a unique more intense warning that is intended to remind the user to make a decision based on the environment and information being received.

So, no buttons to press, no screens or gauges to remember to look at, it’s always there working to assist you and alert you to your situational awareness needs.

Data Logging

Whilst the AT-100 continues to monitor and protect you its also logging all the valuable information ready for you to download and study.

Each AT-100 can have all the FF personal information embedded. Name, payroll number, station name etc.

The AT-100 will log all real time information, temperatures and exposure levels. It will also remember alert triggers and time spent exposed.

The internal memory is large and has the ability to remember weeks of information so you can monitor and log fire-fighter exposure over many days and weeks of incidents and training.


One of the concerns raised many times by our user groups and discussions was what type of battery and battery life.

Due to demand we have opted to go with primary AA cells, there are many advantages in using standard AA batteries, these include – readily available, no charging requires thus no additional demand on charging sockets, finding space on vehicles, charging routines etc.

Shelf life of AA batteries are far higher than rechargeable therefore more reliable, the AT-100 if kept on active “ready mode” can last over a month!

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